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I have finished The Casual Vacancy 30 mins ago. It is now three in the morning. The book gave me sad feels to a degree that now I can't sleep. I don't even know why. Because I feel, nay, I KNOW I've read much worse.

True Story.

Regarding the Kony video

(unpopular opinion alert)
I normally don’t get politcal on this here lj, because I’m political all day and sometimes need to unwind with fangirl shenanigans. Don’t we all? That being said, here’s some things that have been at the forefront of my mind today:
1) I think it says more about humanity than it does about the potential of social media if it takes popping up on the bloody facebook wall for us to notice and “care about” issues that have been communicated for decades, such as child armies in Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone or, indeed, Cambodia or Chechnya as we move “closer to home”. Off the top of my head.
Obviously, if Facebook and tumblr is what we need to do to communicate these issues nowadays, it is what we must do. But I feel ill at ease with a good chunk of my friends celebrating FB as a bringer of light when the information was always there, even before it came alongside Lady Gaga’s latest video.
2) That being said, I do not mean to diminish that attention can be a good thing, but it also tempts millions of people into being complacent about “doing their part” by hitting the share button.
3) The people behind the video do not have a donation seal. Donation seals are what tell you, in short: that your money goes to the cause you’re donating to and not, say, a beachside condo.(this is not me claiming this is what’s going on with Invisible Children) What the page related to the video has is a shitton of “action packs” and “bracelets”. Let’s call ‘em for what they are: merchandise.
In conclusion: might I direct you to Amnesty International or Child Soldiers International? Granted, their videos aren’t as flash, but they’ve been around for ages. Oh, and they have a donation seal.

What I’m saying is: Be critical. Be smart. Pay attention. Humanitarianism is not a meme.

Public service announcement

After a recent conversation with a friend who "Does not understand feminists and would never call myself one. I mean, I have not been affected by sex discrimination in my life.", I felt the need to post this.

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.


I shall comment on all posts and generally be present again once I've moved to London at the end of the week.
Life is a bitch atm. A bitch on amphetamines.


That doesn't even make any sense, Pottermore! I am particularly bad at finding things!

I'm not a Hufflepuff! I'm a Ravenclaw! Goddammit, identity crisis! So not amused. Seriously, I am ridiculously devastated. NOT a Hufflepuff, sorry. I am not hard working, I am a lazy bum. Yes, I am loyal, but that's about the end of it. I HATE yellow. I despise being underground, and I might pretend I'm modest, but I'm really, really not. I ... just.. NO!






White Girl Problems

My Pottermore Welcome email still hasn't arrived.


Don't TPTB understand that I NEED to know whether I actually am a Ravenclaw? Don't they?



They are wrecking my home.

The events in London are deeply unsettling, as I consider it my second home and the place I've felt safest in the world. I understand that severe frustrations are at the root or rather origin of the riots, but the current looting events and pointless, mindless violence are disgusting.

With the reports of Currys being looted whilst Waterstones right next to it remain completely untouched, at least I can rest assured my kind of places enjoy a slightly higher security setting by default. Maybe if the looters and robbers actually DID read a book every so often, they wouldn't be such enormous ... arseholes, really.

Amongst reports of people being dragged off their bikes and out of their cars, ransacked for their mobiles, beaten to a pulp for their notebooks, I fear for my friends in London.

I've always felt completely, utterly safe in London. Never for a second did I fear any harm. I am not even kidding. I know London as a friendly, welcoming place (as long as you know where not to go at two in morning). I couldn't wait to move back there. Still can't. But this saddens me so much.

Can we panic naow?

I've just put down the payment of my Grad School study fees.
Which means I am now about ten minutes away from gently rocking on my couch, with my head between my knees, whimpering about "failure" and "burning my lower middle-class parents' retirement money for flimsy education".
Cut of angsty money rantingCollapse )

Somebody talk me off the ledge.
Also: I am now an aunt. :)

Who has two thumbs and is magical?



My mystic witch name is MugwumpPatronus200. Let's hang.

Here's hoping I will continue being a Ravenclaw. Omg, what if the past 11 years have been lived with a lie?!?!

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